Software Reuse has been recognized as a key strategy to improve productivity and quality. For instance, during many years, technologies such as components, object orientation and feature-oriented programming have been proposed to promote reuse and achieve these benefits.

However, although these technologies may an enabler, recent studies shown that non-technical factors, such as organization, processes, and human involvement, appeared to be at least as important. In addition, while some companies have succeed applying some methods, replying these have resulted a challenging task. It is becoming very important understand how these non-technical factors may affect in-practice our proposals to achieve systematic reuse in software organizations.

The Workshop on Experiences and Empirical Studies on Software Reuse aims to be an space where researchers and practitioners can
present their experiences and studies on the area of software reuse, discuss the challenges that must be overcame in non-academic environments and obtain feedback on how the corresponding empirical research may be conducted and improved.